The Weather Effect

Ballooning only takes place when the weather and wind conditions are suitable.

If conditions are not suitable we do not fly. With us it’s all about fun and safety. There’s always another day and it will be better.
Flights take place at sunrise when conditions are most suitable for flying hot air balloons.
We fly all year round, however conditions such as rain, fog and strong winds keep us grounded.

If your flight is cancelled you can rebook or receive a refund if you are not sure please contact us or check out our terms & conditions.

Personal items & clothing

Bring a hat

The burners generate a lot of radiant heat, and in the hotter months the sun is up early particularly in Tassie as we pack up, so hats are recommended all year round.

Dress appropriately

Wear outdoor clothing & shoes. We operate from farmers fields that are often wet, rough & muddy. Expect to get a little grubby! Dress for the conditions on the ground and you’ll be fine. It’s actually warmer in the basket. No high heels. They look great but are totally inappropriate and can cause injury.

Travel lightly. Only the essentials.

Luggage is not allowed you won’t need it up there! Backpacks and handbags and large camera bags can be left in the support vehicle and will be safe. You will be reunited with them on landing.

Cameras & Phones 

Please bring your camera, but don’t worry if your photography skills are rubbish, we take lots of photos both from the ground and from our Go Pro mounted outside the balloon. Phones should be set to silent so we can all enjoy the experience.  Be mindful of your personal items, its an action packed morning so stow them carefully so they are not lost or broken.

Meeting & Pre-flight!

We meet about an 1 hour prior to sunrise. (Summer 4.30am - Winter 7am) . When everyone has arrived, we’ll give you a quick briefing, then hop into our vehicles for the trip to the launch site.

A full passenger safety briefing is given once on the launch site. It takes about thirty minutes to rig and inflate the balloon. Once ready you'll be invited to climb aboard.

then we’re up up and away

Flight duration is 45-60 minutes. Your pilot will fly both high and low to give you a unique perspective of the landscape. After an exciting landing we’ll spend a bit of time packing the balloon way before the drive back for breakfast and share the memories with your new friends. Expect to be with us for 3-4 hours.

Flight Check In


You will receive a confirmation SMS the day before your flight confirming the exact time and place to meet.


On the morning of your flight, TEXT #2 message is sent, 60 minutes prior to the meeting time confirming that weather is ok.



Important: Please arrive on time.

(View Map)

Meeting Point

Country Club Tasmania

Country Club Ave

Prospect Vale


Tasmania 7250


Once you’ve been checked in, we’re ready to head over to the launch site


Safety briefing, inflate balloon, climb aboard


up up and away.


touch down, pack up and off to breaky

Expect to be with us for 3-4 hours.