The Weather Ruined my Balloon Flight

Flight Conditions

Since hot air ballooning is weather-permitting, your flight may need to be cancelled and/or rescheduled due to wind speed, turbulence, ground conditions, fog or other unsafe conditions that exist.

We will always try to fly, however, protecting our passenger’s safety as well as private property is our primary consideration.

Weather forecasts can be unreliable and whilst most of the time the flight will be cancelled prior to you leaving home, occasionally we do find ourselves cancelling on the launch site. Happily this is pretty rare.

We try to be very flexible with rescheduling cancelled flights, if needed.  We also try to avoid cancelling our flights too far in advance, because just as the weather can change for the worse at the last minute, it can also improve dramatically leading up to the flight time.

Don’t be upset though, as it is better to be on the ground wishing you were, ‘up there’ than being, ‘up there’, wishing you were on the ground.

Cloud 9’s reputation of being Australia’s safest balloon company has come about by not flying in unsuitable, unsafe conditions. As a result all our passengers go home happy and in the same condition they turned upon in. Just a little lighter on their feet.

Our hot air ballon flights in Tasmania will be carried out in the same safe manner. Come and join us on a scenic flight near Launceston, Tasmania soon

Clare Allen