How Cloud 9 came to The Hawkesbury

Cloud 9 Balloon Flights was created by John and Clare Allen back in 1994, after spending close to 8 years between Australia and the UK flying balloons of all shapes and sizes.

So after a short stint of flying in Camden,  Cloud 9 moved flight operations  to Greater Sydney  meeting at Old Government  House, Parramatta “to give our passengers a birds eye view of Sydney”. We also added the Hunter Valley Wine country as a countryside location to getaway for the weekend.

Ballooning can never be thought as a mode of transport, its one of the oldest and greatest forms of flight known to man, using the winds at different heights to drift in silence except for the occasional burst of the burner to keep you lighter than the surrounding air.

Ballooning is more a romantic adventure you should experience at least once in a lifetime., its perfect to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, valentines, weddings or just because you want to. Proposals are very popular, so much so a new sport balloon was built for private charters.

Greater Sydney has changed dramatically over the last 15 years, motorways, and industrial areas have changed the landscape. John gradually eased his flight path into the north west corner  of Sydney the Hawkesbury Valley. It must be one of the best things they ever did, the scenery is spectacular and dramatic, the edge of the Blue Mountains surrounds you and gradually flattens out to the Hawkesbury River which twists and weaves in all directions. A patchwork of small farms ease into small townships and 5 acre properties and finally the treelined suburbs of the Hills district. It’s a little bit of paradise in a growing Sydney.

The meeting point at the Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley which gives us quick easy access to all our launch sites as well as plenty of car parking for all our eager passengers.

In the near future Cloud 9 balloon flights will be offering hot air balloon rides in Tasmania nearby the town of Launceston. Standby for further information.

So don’t hesitate get on board.

Clare Allen