Balloons over Tassie

Keep you eyes in the skies Tasmania.

Both Clare an I (John) and our ‘wee little balloon’ head south next week to have a little fun in the skies over Tassie.

The balloon an Australian made. Kavanagh E-120 is the smallest of the 3 aircraft in our fleet. Capable of flying a between 2- 4 passengers it is probably my favourite balloon to fly. Why, well there’s two reasons. Firstly being small and light it takes no time at all from pulling it off the trailer to getting it into the air. And it’s the same at the completion of the flight. Before you know it your back at the hotel enjoying a nice coffee and well earned breakfast.

The second reason is that it’s a bit like driving a sport car in comparison to our two larger balloons. Which means you can have a bit of fun throwing it around the sky. And because it’s light the burner noise is less frequent so you get to enjoy the peaceful serenity of flight a little more.

Our Passenger ride operations are scheduled to commence early September so these flights are to familiarise with the countryside you will be viewing. But really it’s about us having a bit of fun as well. Flying a new region is always very exciting for the pilot but nearly always as exciting for the people of the ground looking up and seeing these beautiful aircraft floating by.

So eyes up Tassie and if you like what you see send us a message or a photos.

Clare Allen