Hunter Valley Balloon Flight. Here's a better option.

Hunter Valley Balloon Flights

When people are looking to book a hot air balloon ride the first area that often springs to mind is the Hunter Valley wine region 160km north of Australia’s largest city, Sydney.

Which is not surprising as hot air balloons and wine for some unexplained reason go together so well. 

However you may well be pleased to hear that there are regions without vineyards that are just as just as nice and if you live in Sydney easier, cheaper and even more beautiful to fly over. Let me introduce you to The Hawkesbury Valley.

Located only 60km from the Harbour bridge you can wake up in your own bed and be at our meeting site in less that 1 hours drive from anywhere in Sydney. From there our flight crew will drive you to a nearby launch site where you get to watch as they inflate these beautiful flying machines and lift you into the skies.

Once airborne you will enjoy the views of an area unique to the Australian landscape. Located at the base of the Blue Mountains and surrounded by National Parks. The evergreen patchwork of farmland with the Hawkesbury River cutting its way through and around the historical townships is an absolute joy to fly over. A landscape many people say is more English than Australian the variety of this to look down upon from the balloon makes it such a great place to fly.

So think about saving yourself the long frustrating drive up a busy motorway to an expensive hotel and fly closer to home over a landscape we know you will find more beautiful and interesting. 

To find out how good it is, visit our website and book a flight

Clare Allen