Balloons rides Tasmania- Coming soon

As we wind down flight operations in Sydney things are coming together nicely in Northern Tasmania.

It’s not a simple exercise starting balloon flights in a new area. You just don’t throw a balloon into the air and see what happens. It takes months of hard work finding launch sites, talking to Landowners, negotiating with Councils, airports and business before you finally get to have some fun and finally get a balloon into the air.

With Tasmanian’s generally being a friendly, helpful bunch it has so far been a pretty stress free task. By the end of last week most of that boring stuff had been completed and now the only thing to do is hitch up the trailer, point the car south and hop aboard the Spirit of Tasmania to our new home.

We’ll be spending a week from July 25th carrying out some familiarisation flights to start to get to know how the local winds behave and get to know to place from up above. We have some extraordinary location to fly from so passengers can expect to see some spectacular scenery.

We’re looking forward to it and so should you. We can’t wait to have you onboard with us.

Clare Allen