Ballooning over Tasmania

We have just arrived home from a busy week in Tasmania. And it wasn’t all about drinking and eating the fine food and wine to be found on the island. Although we did dropping into Josef Chromy’s Vineyard twice, for Business meeting or course!

The main point of our visit was to relocated one of our balloons and carry out some flights. Tassie had just experienced a week of heavy rain and snow so the ground was sopping wet. Finding as suitably dry surface to launch and land from was problematic. We sort of did and we had 3 awesome flights.

Being our first Tasmanian balloon flight we decided do the romantic thing, so it was just myself and Clare onboard during the flight with both my Mother & sister carrying out the ground crew duties. The romance thing didn’t last as we got the support vehicle bogged as we drove onto the launch site. But even wasn’t going to stop us as we simply inflated the balloon and took off anyway.

As usual all went well. The flight starts near Carrick and ended up south of Cressy about 50 minutes later. And ‘How good was it?’, hear you ask. It was bloody good. A lot of people you talk to who visit Tasmania comment that the scenery is very similar to what you find in England and that is pretty much what both Clare & I decided pithing minutes of taking to the skies.

The other two flights went just as well with Mum and other family members getting their chance for a unique view of the island. They enjoyed it. we enjoyed it and I’m sure you will when you get to see the island from the skies.

Clare Allen